Dear friends and dancers everywhere.

You are watching some of our creations. We are a group of dancers, photographers, friends, supporters and i am the one who design the clothes.

So let me introduce my self to you. My name is Katherine, i Am a woman, a dancer and above all i Am a mother. So as a mother of two boys who were dancing from little ones, many times in the past i had to make their dancing clothes and also the clothes of other kids who were dancing too. Usually i was spending many nights over the clothes, putting gems one by one to them. Me, the silence of the night, the clothes, the sparkling of the gems. Those were inner spiritual times for me, like a meditation. So it started and from then on everything that fills in my mind and my soul i put it on an empty paper.

Anything can inspire me a song, a movie[that gives me joy and sadness],a gathering with friends and of course the bodies, the movements, the expressions of dancers. I start my gratitude feelings by thanking all the people i have met at my sons dancing years who were the “idea sponsors” for me, my girls who make the fantasy become clothes, my photographer who make the clothes become fantasy, for his unbelievable patience [thousands photo-shoot’s, hours and hours, so much laugh and fan we had],our godfather[at sunrise of a tango marathon],my partner[in soul, in life]my kids[they are the complete expression of love]the divine spirit inside me that gives me the inspiration, our dancers of the team[all of them angels, who are dancing on earth],tango[for every melancholy and poetic moments in its beauty gave to me],and all of you who make me happy walking this path with us. By finishing all thanking [stop, it is not the award ceremony],i would like to tell you, that we accept, you suggestions[the good and the different ones]We can learn something from everything. But above all we accept and we are grateful for all the good thoughts you are sending to us.

From  my heart i thank you all.



mama tango